Monday, April 18, 2011

Cancun April 9th

We had to get up really early on the 9th...4:00 AM!! Our plane left Casper at 6:00 AM and it was cloudy. We arrived in SLC and it was snowing.
This is Jason and Nate in the SLC airport before we get on our flight to CANCUN! It is snowing outside in this picture. :(
Our flight to Cancun. Jason sat in the aisle seat across from the rest of us.
Nathan, Tanya and Jenna on the airplane to Cancun. We are ready for some sun and relaxation!
Jenna took a few photos out our window. It looks like little islands and a reef ... very pretty.
Cancun from the air!
Nathan, Jason, me and Jenna at our hotel. When we arrived at our hotel they gave us complimentary wine and the kids got fruity drinks with umbrellas (nonalcoholic of course). Jenna and I received flowers.
Our view off the balcony of our room.
Another picture of our view. This is the pool and then of course the ocean.
The very first time my kids have touched the ocean! They loved it even though it was dark. As soon as we got to our room the first thing they did was put on their suits and run to the beach! We spent a few hours making sand castles and playing in the waves even though it was dark.
Up the beach at night. It's hard to see but those are all hotels alongside the beach. Our beach was the cleanest by far. No trash at all. It was beautiful. We stayed at the Cancun Palace.

Video is of our room

Video from Nathan ...

Video of Nate and Jenna playing in the ocean

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