Monday, April 18, 2011

Cancun April 12th

On the 12th Jenna and I did manicures and pedicures and laid by the pool. We then went up to the room and had some room service and took a nap. Ya, that's right, we took a nap! haha
This was our view while Nathan and Jason were scuba diving.
Nathan and his scuba instructor. Nathan and Jason are now shallow water certified to scuba dive.
The boat they took.
Nathan on the boat ... it must have been bright.
And look at what Nate found! A real live star fish! He is always finding stuff. Of course he couldn't take it with him but I'm sure he wanted to!

Jason took our underwater video camera down with him but apparently it's not made to go that far below the water and it will not work any longer. However we did get a DVD of Nate and Jason underwater. I will try to upload it but I'm not sure it will work. I will try later.
This was one of their guides. They were always around Nathan, making sure he was doing ok and that he was safe.

This is one of the ruins that they saw while down there.

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