Monday, April 18, 2011

Cancun April 15th

On the 15th we decided to go shopping. We noticed a shopping center with a "mall" in it but there were vendors on the sides so that was our plan until a group of others said that they had went to a market the day before and a bunch of people were going there today. So we got in a cab and went to Market 28. A swan pastry the chef made us.
Jenna got her hair braided.
Market 28.
I am a big sucker for a little 4 year old girl and a handful of friendship bracelets selling them to me for a dolla! I can't say no. She was so sweet and so little. I know, I know, if you buy from them you are just making it happen even more but I couldn't turn her down. So I have a few friendship bracelets. She picked them out for me even.
For dinner that night we ate at a hibachi grill. This was our chef, I don't remember his name. He was good.
More hibachi grill fire. I'm glad I already had my food ... glad that it wasn't burnt crisp. haha

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