Sunday, April 19, 2009

All in one week

Now, all these things have happened in a little over a week. Also I have a request of ONE picture and I'm sure you'll figure out what that picture is when you get to it. This is Charlie's new dog Bruiser. He's a 5 year old Beagle that he adopted from a humane society. He's cute huh?
This is Debbie making the mints for Theresa's wedding.

So sorry Tecia ... Tecia and baby M 35 weeks PG

Theresa and Tecia making mints. I was not very good at it so I didn't help. Jenna did though and actually she was pretty good at it.
Jenna coloring Easter eggs ... even though it looks like she is actually coloring it with a crayon, we actually did have food coloring that we used that dyed the eggs. :)
Same thing with Nathan. They write secret messages in white crayon and then dye the egg to reveal the message.
Jenna and Nathan dying Easter eggs.
Easter morning sunrise out our living room window. It was cloudy in the morning but at this particular time, the sun peaked through the clouds. It was beautiful.
Jenna and aunt Barbara eating Easter dinner.
Jenna and Monte and Debbie's dog Lily hunting Easter eggs at the Richardsons' house. The eggs were hard to find.
See? Nathan had to climb a tree to find his eggs. Here he is with his Dad giving him a boost to find one of the eggs.
This is Nathan's dog's paw stuck in his kennel door. The bottom pad is stuck in one of the small squares. It was quite a dramatic day. My car battery was dead, Payton was at my house and was not feeling well, Jason was in Riverton working, the dog's paw was stuck, I had no way to get the kids from school and I had patients meeting me at the office after school. Thankfully Drew went to work with Jason that morning and had a bolt cutter in his truck ... lifesaver or should I saw pawsaver!! :) I'm glad that day is over at any rate. :)
The diaper cake that Debbie, Barbara, Jenna and I made for Tecia's baby shower on the 18th.
The baby shower that was put on for Tecia and Ben.
A close up of the decorations.
The cake that Barbara made for the shower.
One of Tecia's friends, Tecia and Debbie at the shower. I'm disappointed that this picture is so dark.
Tecia and Ben at the baby shower.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Break?!

Spring break had a couple days of yucky weather but we still tried to make the best of it. We went swimming in Thermopolis at the Teepee and here is the proof ...Nathan

JennaAnd of course, Miss Payton and JasonI love this picture of Jenna and Payton, her eyes crack me up!Nathan and PaytonNathan in the baby's inner tube ... his behind almost got stuck!Payton playing in the toddler pool ... she loved it!JennaPayton, me and NathanJason, Payton and in the background Jenna & Nathan fighting. Everytime I tried to get a picture of Jenna and Nathan together one was trying to drown the other ... it was endless so I stopped trying.Nathan, me & Payton walking along the terracesJenna, Jason, Payton and Nathan on the big huge bridge

Jenna at the boiling water pool

Nathan taking a rest

Payton swinging in the park

Jenna swinging too!

The buffalo that Nathan and Jenna crawled on at the park.

Nathan on top of the buffalo.You really don't need to know why we stopped at the Wind River Group Area but we did and while I was busy, Jason took pictures of the kids playing there, Payton was sound asleep so that's why she isn't in the pictures below.Nathan's one and only speed ... running.Nathan JennaJennaand Jenna again ...

So you can see that spring break wasn't a total loss. We still had fun at least one of those days we did! :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Snowy Saturday

Did you know that my kids have never had the luxury of building a snowman. Sure I think they've made some at school or by themselves but I don't think that Jason and I have ever done anything like that with them. Isn't that sad? Well today is no different because the snow would not stick together to make a good snowman so what would have been a nice easy going day in the snow building a family of snowmen ... it ended up being a snowball fight. I won. Nathan and Ivy ... Nathan fell down and Ivy ran over and licked the side of his face, making it more difficult for Nathan to get up because Ivy would not quit licking him.

Nathan thrown a snowball at Jenna.
Jenna getting hit with a snowball.

Jason doing the doggy dig on Nathan filling him with snow and making him really mad. :)

Jenna trying to give Jason a snow bath and Jason trying to dance with Jenna.

Me trying to make a snowman, Jenna and Ivy wrestling.

Nathan and Ivy.

Jenna tried making a snow angel, Ivy came running so Jenna turned over on her belly and Ivy wouldn't let her up. She got on her back and started kind of jumping on her. It was funny!
Ivy getting Nathan again.
Here is the tongue that is keeping the kids down.
Molly wanting to play fetch with a dummy duck.
Jenna getting pegged again with a snowball from Jason.

What we had after a snowball fight. My mom's chicken noodle soup recipe! It was so good. The only thing that was different was that we had some noodles, they weren't homemade but they were just as good. I can't remember what they are called but they were delicious. Carrots and celery added to boiled chicken and a can of chicken broth ... YUMMY!