Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Break?!

Spring break had a couple days of yucky weather but we still tried to make the best of it. We went swimming in Thermopolis at the Teepee and here is the proof ...Nathan

JennaAnd of course, Miss Payton and JasonI love this picture of Jenna and Payton, her eyes crack me up!Nathan and PaytonNathan in the baby's inner tube ... his behind almost got stuck!Payton playing in the toddler pool ... she loved it!JennaPayton, me and NathanJason, Payton and in the background Jenna & Nathan fighting. Everytime I tried to get a picture of Jenna and Nathan together one was trying to drown the other ... it was endless so I stopped trying.Nathan, me & Payton walking along the terracesJenna, Jason, Payton and Nathan on the big huge bridge

Jenna at the boiling water pool

Nathan taking a rest

Payton swinging in the park

Jenna swinging too!

The buffalo that Nathan and Jenna crawled on at the park.

Nathan on top of the buffalo.You really don't need to know why we stopped at the Wind River Group Area but we did and while I was busy, Jason took pictures of the kids playing there, Payton was sound asleep so that's why she isn't in the pictures below.Nathan's one and only speed ... running.Nathan JennaJennaand Jenna again ...

So you can see that spring break wasn't a total loss. We still had fun at least one of those days we did! :)

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