Monday, April 18, 2011

The very next day ...

... was cold and windy and we had two soccer games.

#12 is Nathan!! Woot woot!!

And he's got the ball...

Someone in a red sweatshirt in my way.

And that was the day. First game played against Casper was tied 1-1 and the second game they won 2-0 against Sheridan. I don't really know much about soccer but I can take a few pictures. I felt he did awesome!

Cancun April 16th

This is the last day we are in Cancun. It was a sad day so we didn't take too many pictures.Jenna on the beach one last time.
Nate has his carry-on and ready to go.
Jason and I one last time.
And the two of them together.

I should add that on my previous post I said that we took a cab to and from Market 28. Not once in that whole time did I feel unsafe. I wondered about it before we left but there were several other families headed in the same direction and several other families had went there the day before so I felt safe enough. Upon arriving there we were treated very kindly and the cab driver showed us the way to the BEST store per his recommendations. All of the vendors spoke a lot of English and we had no problems conversing with any of them, including the little girl. On the way back to the hotel we saw some police/military people with their big huge machine guns, etc and asked about them. He said that they came when the gangs had started and he said that they have put a stop to it. That was about 9 months ago but he says that they have no problems at all now. So needless to say I felt safe going there, safe at all times. The only time we were treated unkindly was at the airport and it was Jason. He went into the bathroom and a man handed him a towel and requested a dollar. haha other than that they went out of their way to make sure we were happy. After every time that you said thank you, they always responded with "My pleasure" Our maid was even pleasant. The service there (not only at our motel but on the tours and just generally out, on the boat, snorkeling, scuba diving) every one went above and beyond what Americans would do who would be working in that same position. We will definitely be going back to Mexico for another vacation. So worth it!

Cancun April 15th

On the 15th we decided to go shopping. We noticed a shopping center with a "mall" in it but there were vendors on the sides so that was our plan until a group of others said that they had went to a market the day before and a bunch of people were going there today. So we got in a cab and went to Market 28. A swan pastry the chef made us.
Jenna got her hair braided.
Market 28.
I am a big sucker for a little 4 year old girl and a handful of friendship bracelets selling them to me for a dolla! I can't say no. She was so sweet and so little. I know, I know, if you buy from them you are just making it happen even more but I couldn't turn her down. So I have a few friendship bracelets. She picked them out for me even.
For dinner that night we ate at a hibachi grill. This was our chef, I don't remember his name. He was good.
More hibachi grill fire. I'm glad I already had my food ... glad that it wasn't burnt crisp. haha

Cancun April 14th

Nathan and Jason went fishing. Jenna hung out at the pool and in the room. I went to the spa!
The front of the boat as the sun comes up.
Nathan getting ready to catch some fish!!
Jason and one of the guides with his bonito fish.
Nathan with his bonito.
Oh look, he's got something ... His pole bent almost to the water. The guide had to hold the pole for him or else the fish would jerk him into the water.
Nathan and his sailfish!

Nathan caught a sailfish and a barracuda and a bonito.
2 guys on the end are others that chartered the boat with Jason.
Nate with his barracuda.
The barracuda has extremely sharp teeth and that's what Nate liked the most.
Nate with the crew. Freddy, Iguana and Francisco.
This is what the sail fish will look like when we get it back. Right now it is in Florida being mounted.
We watched a couple being married on the beach.
Nathan at the steakhouse. Of course it is outside and every table has a view of the ocean.
Jenna at the steakhouse
View from our table
Another view from our table. Actually our room is about 2 or 3 floors right above this restaurant.
Another show that the hotel put on. Can you guess who it is? It is the mexican version of Michael Jackson. It was okay. He had an Spanish accent to go along with his singing which was comical.