Monday, April 18, 2011

Cancun April 13th

So on the 13th we went to this island called Isla Mujeres. Its about a 10-20 minute boat ride to the island. The first couple of hours we hung out on the beach. You had the chance to swim with dolphins, snorkel or just hang out on the beach. They all cost more money to do and Jenna wasn't feeling real well. So we decided to just hang out on the beach and eat at the buffet.
Jason and I getting ready to go to the Isla Mujeres.
Jenna, Me and Nathan waiting for the boat to arrive to take us to the island.
It was really bright in that super white sand. Jenna, Nathan and I.

Our boat is the one with the yellow on it at the end.
Nathan and Jason on the boat.
Me and Jenna on the boat. The crew did a skit that was pretty entertaining. Nothing like a few 10 Mexicans dressed up and pretending they are the cast on the Titanic. I'm wondering if they hadn't been drinking before we got on. Just kidding. haha
The water looks like a light shines up from the bottom in areas. It is soooo pretty.
More pretty water.
The first time we saw a manatee. They are kind of cute, kind of ugly. This one was by the dock. They have a dolphin discovery place and he was part of it.
Dolphins put on a show.
Jenna and I in our beach chairs.
The underneath of our umbrella. You might think it is stupid to take a picture of this but I really wanted to remember what they looked and maybe be able to somewhat feel that way again by looking at this picture.
Coconuts on the palm trees are still green.
Jenna taking another siesta.
Jason must really like the birds. He took enough pictures of them.
These are birds that are not afraid of anything. While flying they tuck their wings in and dive into the water like a bomb ... even if you are right there in the water, they dive right next to you. They are very weird critters.

This was the bar on the island. They had swings.
Jenna and Jason at the bar.
Jenna, Nathan and I on the hammocks.
Jenna taking another siesta!
My view on the hammock.
Isn't this just relaxing.
So we got on a boat to go to the other side of the island. Here is some more photos of the island.
Big boats docked on the side of the island.

So after docking on the boat we arrived on this little shopping area. This is Jenna and I relaxing on the steps of some little hut.
The streets of Isla Mujeres shopping district. Pretty huh? I had a little girl about 6 or 7 try to sell me (as I'm boarding the boat) a handkerchief for 44 dollars, american. I said no I couldn't do that but then she kept bugging me and placed it in my hands and when I tried to place it back in her hands she walked backwards and told me 2 dolla, just 2 dolla senora. Oh I felt so sorry for her and I was boarding the boat and Jason finally gave her 2 bucks and the whole time her little friend on the beach was just giggling and giggling. She was the cutest little girl but very persistent. She got another lady right behind me too. haha Oh well. I hope that she was able to have a candy bar or something special for that 2 bucks of embroidered handkerchief.

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