Monday, April 18, 2011

Cancun April 11th

This is the day we went to Xcaret. It's kind of a zoo/slight amuzement park with a beach.
In this "park" they have underground rivers. There are 3 rivers that you can go down. We chose the one that is 50% open and 50% underground, through caves, etc. You rent the scuba gear and life jackets and float the river. It takes a good hour or so to get through it but on the way down the river we found a Mayan warrior. There were fish that could be seen in this river. They were the bright blue Dory-like fish. Very pretty however I tend to panic when I snorkel, I don't like being able to not breath out my nose so it's not a lot of fun but I did enjoy floating the river.
Market area
This was a show. Those are performers at the top of that pole.
A better picture of the performers on the pole. They twist around and around at the top of that pole and then some of them drop down and swing around on ropes.
Nathan and an iguana. He was walking along and one of these great big guys ran across the trail and he jumped back. While jumping back a leaf touched the back of his leg and he let out a yelp and took off behind us making us lead the way.
Nathan climbed the top of the man made ruin inside the park.
This was the buffet. You sat up top under the umbrellas and then the bathroom/showers were below.
Nathan, me and Jenna relaxing beside a little trail.

Nathan, me and Jason relaxing again.
Jason and I relaxing.
An iguana sitting beside a trail. They ran wild all over the place in Mexico. We saw several of them at a different resort.
A "puma"
Jason and I inside the butterfly pavillion
Beautiful flowers
They had thousands of butterflies ... most of them were not resting like this one
Trees blooming
The top of the butterfly pavillion
So excited we found this one.
Jenna and Nate in the butterfly pavillion
Ole ... after awhile the kids got bored ... so did we but we had to wait for the bus and it didn't come back until after the show (9:00 PM)
So on the way to the show they had Mayan Warriors. These people were painted from the tops of their heads down to the toes (even between their toes)
Jenna and a Mayan princess

Some of them were painted as animals. Of course this one is a snake.
This was a "bridge" over the walkway into the theater. These are real live people up there.

This was an owl. This is him with his "wings" open.
And him with them closed.
All around the theater were waterfalls. It kept the theater cooled off.
Jenna, Nate and Jason inside the theater
A game that the Mayans used to play. They had a "ball" that they would hit with their HIPS, no hands or feet and they had to get it into these little holes up the side of those walls.
Some kind of Mayan warrior. He scared me from clear up in the stands.
Mexican dancers

So on the bus we start back home and this guy reclines his chair back all the way. Jason has NO ROOM to do anything. So I snapped this picture and the guy got mad at me for the flash on my camera. He didn't speak English so I couldn't understand him.

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