Monday, April 18, 2011

Cancun April 10th

On the 10th, we had a meeting to get our free trip to Xcaret.

Jenna & Nate shell searching early in the morning. The brownish stuff is dried seaweed. We found lots of seashells. Big and small. This site is down from our hotel quite a ways away.
Nathan looking for seashells.
Cruise ship in the sunrise
Jenna, Nate and Jason (Some other guy) in the pool. The pool looked like it met the ocean but it didn't.
Nate in the pool
Jenna lounging around
View from my lounge chair.
Paragliders above the beach.
Jason and I (taken by Jenna) ... sitting by the ocean.
Jason and I sitting on the beach. Ahhh ...
Jenna on the beach
Nathan, Jason and Jenna playing in the ocean.
Nathan, Jenna and Jason playing in the ocean.
Jason and Nathan getting beat up by the waves.
He looks so small out there ...
Jason must have liked the birds ...
Jenna and Nate making MORE sand castles.
The hotel invited vendors in and they set up their booths by the pool.
Jenna and Nate at dinner. We had MEXICAN BUFFET!! The food at this hotel was excellent and all-inclusive.
Show the hotel put on. This was the Mayan warrior/princess part of the show.
This was the mexican dance part.

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