Thursday, July 30, 2009

CFD Day 3

On Day 3 of our vacation we went to the rodeo and Kellie Pickler/Taylor Swift concert. Jenna, Nathan and Jason at the rodeo. We were right behind the chutes. I honestly think those were the best seats in the house, not only did we get to see the bull riders/bronc and saddle bronc riders ride up close and personal but they have misters through those seats. It was great.This shot was an accident on our part. The photo was taken by Nathan just at the right time. Too funny heh?At this particular day of the Daddy Of 'Em All was the Tough Enough to Wear Pink for cancer, specifically breast cancer. They raised 5000 dollars just from that rodeo and after that money was raised several of the bull riders, bronc riders, saddle bronc riders, steer wrestlers, Bill Cole who is the coordinator for the rodeo and the rodeo clown all cut their hair. It was pretty cool that they did this kind of thing. Also for every cowboy/cowgirl that participated in the rodeo and who wore a pink shirt that day, I believe the PRCA put in 5 dollars. Almost every cowboy/cowgirl had a pink shirt, that was pretty awesome too! The National Anthem was sung by a little girl from Cheyenne with a very rare female disease found in girls younger than 10. It was very humbling and emotional. Guess who this is? Brenda Seely (Ruby). This is her first time with PRCA and her first time in the Cheyenne Frontier Days. She didn't do so great (better than I could obviously) but she is a very lucky girl getting to do this kind of thing. It takes a pretty good rider to be in the PRCA and that she is! Jenna wanted me to take a picture of the rodeo clown. She laughed and laughed at him. This is him after his hair cut. He had long shaggy hair and now it looks like Elvis. hahaJenna and Nathan right before the Kellie Pickler concert came on. Jason hadn't shown up yet. We arrived at 5:00 concert started at 8:00 and there were no parking whatsoever except for at the Park and Ride which was about 20 minutes away on a not so busy day. Today it was a few more minutes than 20 ... more like an hour. It was packed. The record for that many people (tickets sold) to a female artist at the Cheyenne Frontier Days was broken that day. It was amazing how many people where there. The noise was unreal. I've never seen anything like that before. Kellie Pickler ... umm ... we'd rather see Rodney Atkins I think if we had a choice. Oh well, that's not who we were there for. Jenna getting excited for the concert! And Taylor Swift from here on out. The concert was amazing. She had 8 semi's full of stuff. Rodney had 1 and I think Kenny had 2. The back drop was a screen and constant changing images. She changed outfits almost every song. She talked mostly to the preteens and teens (girls of course) and how it's okay to be different and how not to let someone else tell you who you are or not. Be yourself. That is the best concert I've seen YET. Each song tells a story and she plays the story in each one she sings when she is in concert. Jenna AND Nathan loved it! The last song she sang water came down out of the top of the stage and drenched her. This picture and the next two pictures are ones that our neighbors at our campground gave Jenna. They were an older couple and friends of whoever is in charge of coordinating the entertainment at Cheyenne Frontier Days and had touching distance floor (party zone) seats to her concert. He took these pictures and gave them to Jenna because he knew how much she liked Taylor Swift. Wasn't that nice? He was from Saluda, North Carolina.

Daily Quote:

My partner and I won the race, and I threw my hat into the air and bent to pick it up. Everyone started laughin' because I had split the back end of my pants out, and I wasn't wearing shorts.

by Chris LeDoux

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