Wednesday, July 29, 2009

CFD Day 2

Day two of our vacation. While vacationing in Cheyenne, Wyoming we stayed at an RV park called Terry Bison Ranch. They are an actual working ranch/rodeo/RV park. It's always an adventure to stay there. Here are some things that happened on our second day.

This is Nathan and Jenna with the newest addition to the Terry Bison Ranch. Her name is Rosebud. Her momma didn't want her and so they bottle feed her and she just hasn't done that well with that. She has needed a blood transfusion among antibiotics and various other things. She was like a pet puppy. She'd follow you and demand to be paid attention to. If we could have we would have brought her home. The kids were often found around where ever Rosebud was.
Nathan in the cardboard cutout of a man riding a buffalo.Jenna in the cutout of the man riding the buffalo.From the moment we arrived at our camp spot (which by the way was right next to where the train came through mind you) Jenna kept pestering us to ride the train that talked about the ranch history and rode through the buffalo herd. So here are Nathan and Jenna on the train. They do have a few one hump camels which is weird to me ... especially in Wyoming.Nathan, Jason and Jenna on the train out to see the buffalo herd.
This is one of the big bulls of the herd. At this ranch they have also experimented with crossing a buffalo with a long horn cow. I'm not sure what they called him but he was very interesting. His coloring was very cool. He was dark like a buffalo but then had horns like a long horn cow and then a white strip down his back like a long horn Texas cow would have. Out of all of the cows/buffalo he was the one they said you could touch ... but he never came over to the train so we never got a real good look at him. So we had to settle for the others including this big bull. His head is said to weigh around 450 pounds and around 3000 pounds altogether. He was ginormous. When we first got on the train they SOLD you treats to throw out to the critters and I'm sure that this big fella gets his share of treats. :)Jenna and Nathan on the safe side of the train. The buffalo they are pictured with is a smaller one but still kind of scary to me. It was interesting some of the things that they had said about these guys.This sign says "Welcome To Colorado". We traveled by train to Colorado (haha) and were there a whole 4 minutes. The ranch goes into Colorado also. Also at this place they train trick horses. This one is a picture of the son of the owner and one of the trick horses. The horse played dead and was snoring and so the guy got on the ground with him (it was kind of funny actually.) The owners name is Ron and he has trained several horses to do some funny things that are out of the ordinary, like how to steal stuff and count, etc. The owner came around to our camp and invited us to come over to his little barn and he put on a show for about 5 or 6 of us families. Nathan got to get a horse to do a bow but he did it so fast I couldn't snap the picture quick enough. UGH. But he did great! Now he thinks that our horses should be able to do that kind of stuff. :)
They have a "catwalk" over the top of their feed lots. In one of the areas was some cows. Instead of eating where the rest of the cows eat, 2 of them somehow squeezed their ways into the feeder and decided to get comfortable. Not sure how they got in or got out but apparently it wasn't their first rodeo at this. haha
And some silly goats. The goats love the treats that the buffalo get so you have to save some for them. They follow you all along the cat walk and often look at you through somewhat sad eyes like this. Poor little guys, looks like their starving huh? They also had some pigs and stuff but I didn't think they were worth wasting my precious time taking a picture of and they smelled. (Not a real big fan of pigs - can you tell?)
This baby llama and her mama were over by where Rosebud was also. This one was tiny but not real friendly. We didn't spend much time with her.

These are the coolest little things ... This is ROCKSTAR! Their hair kind of falls over their face and is shaggy. And Baby Rockstar ... look how tiny her legs are. Too cute.
Jenna blowing one of those weed things into the wind.
Nathan blowing one of those weed things into the wind.

Jenna, Jason and Nathan at Rodney Atkin concert. He wasn't that great. Don't think we need to see him again ... we like some of his music though.

Rodney Atkin live and in concert.

This picture is a picture of him on the big screens. Just a closer view of him. Plus every time I would take a picture somebodies head would somehow end up in it.

Daily Quote:

Inscription on Mr. John Wayne's headstone:

"Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It's perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we've learnt something from yesterday."

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