Saturday, November 8, 2008

Why O' Why

Nothing is ever as it seems. Have you ever noticed that? We had reservations to come to a town not far from our town for a swimming clinic and some meetings that Jason and I have to attend this weekend. We made reservations at the Hampton Inn here. We needed a room with 2 queen beds or doubles we didn't care just as long as four people could sleep in it. Checked in, got ALL of our luggage hauled up there and the beds were the size of twins. Jason called the front desk and they said that was the size of the double beds. WHATEVER. They were not double beds. They were twin beds. They don't have any rooms that will sleep four that has 2 beds in it that are bigger than the bed I slept in as a toddler. I bet Jason's feet would hang off the end of the bed, they were that small. But the room was really nice and clean. (I would have taken a picture but I was too mad to even think about it at the time) ...

Anyway we had to move. So we moved to a motel with "queen beds" the size of what is really a double bed. The room is not the nicest ... I would take a picture but I'm a little embarrassed. I won't let Nathan and Jenna walk around bare foot because who the heck knows what's on the floor. They did let us bring in our dogs and I think we got the dog rooms in the back which is fine. But they are kinda gross. Like the chair has had something spilled on it and never cleaned it up. They are circa probably 1920 ... and so are the beds. Hard as a rock. I'll take a picture later. The wallpaper looks like a circus rolled through here.

Oh and get this, we were walking in here and there was a guy that was coming in at the same time. He has a trailer behind his truck (like we do) and he went and asked this cop (who had been sitting in his cop car behind the hotel) but he had asked him if it was ok to park back there with his trailer. Of course the cop said yes but park underneath the lights because the homeless people come up from the river to sleep on/in your vehicles. Nice.

The neighbors we heard all night long. We had room service brought to us (scary huh?) and it was actually pretty good. My kids thought it was cool to stay in your room and have them bring dinner to you. They think it is cool that they have TV with Disney Channel. (We haven't had TV for almost a month. Yes I paid the bill ... the lamp went out in our brand new TV. We ordered a new one right after it burned out and we still haven't gotten it. It was due to ship on the 5th, as of yesterday at 4:00 ... still not there.) Anyway, they like it.

Nathan is sick. He's got a bad cold and coughs all the live long night and kept us all awake. He then proceeds to wake up at 6:30 and makes all sorts of loud noises and talks to himself and turns all the lights on. Then he comes over and gives me a kiss and how can you be mad at that? Then he reads his book and wants you to look at the pictures from his bed because he likes to hold them up like the librarian must do (I remember the way our librarian used to). Then if you say uh huh and not really look, he goes mom. mom. mom. mom. until you can't handle it another second. I told him he needed to go back to bed and rest because he was getting a cold and he lays there for like 2 seconds before he is up and trying to get something else. I think he's had too much sugar. That's what I think. When he eats, he smacks his lips so loud (he was eating something this morning) that I think it could wake up the people in the motel across the interstate. I have had a lack of sleep .... can you tell ... it might not be the best day in the world.

May be I'll go get him something to knock him out tonight ... or at noon.

I'm kidding about the noon part of course ...

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