Wednesday, November 19, 2008

1000 Gifts ...

I started a list of 1000 gifts on my previous blog and never finished it. I also didn't save it so now I have to start a new one. The idea of this is to make one stop and really be thankful and content and think about the many many gifts we are given daily by God. We often don't stop and think about it enough and it's time I start especially during this time in my life. So here we go ...

* Yesterday, when not feeling so great about things, our cat (Pumpkin) decided to take it upon herself to sit right on my chest and lick my face. I let her because it felt good to have love from a cat -- sometimes you don't get much love from the cat unless it's her idea.

* Rain. The neat design the rain makes as it drizzles down the window and the sound it makes as it hits the tin roof outside. I'm not sure why but it makes me want to sit in our big reading chair and read a book with some hot tea for the rest of the day.

** The fact that I have not listed God, husband, kids, family, friends, home, etc. doesn't mean that these things I am not grateful for. I am extremely grateful for them but those are the OBVIOUS things, I'm looking for the not so obvious, it makes one stop and think through their day what they missed because they weren't looking at the more important things that happened because of what God, husband, kids, family and friends might have done, make sense?**

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