Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Are you ready for Thanksgiving?
More importantly, are you ready for the day AFTER Thanksgiving?
(I think I might've been in this picture ^) -- I've seen this scene a lot.
The next picture, I want you to take a real close look and see if you recognize this person ...

IT's MONTE!!!!

... really it isn't but it sure looks like him. I think he has that same coat. I have no idea who it is but we could call it a picture of Monte. I think it is his twin.

And the next picture I had found and I thought it was so sweet ...
Nathan was a little over a month old and Jenna was 2. Look at how scrawny his legs were and how curly Jenna's hair was. She was bugging him I'm sure and see his hand already at that age he was thinking he wanted to make her knock it off. Poor kid got tormented from day one. She's the best big sister. (sometimes)

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