Saturday, November 22, 2008


Another swim meet today. The kids did great. They each swam 5 events plus a relay and they had qualifying times in the majority of their swims meaning that come spring time we will be headed to state!

Jason has 2 more meets to go to before he officially is an official and then he can work on his ref position. He said he liked it and it was pretty easy but we have timed the meets so much that it's pretty easy to spot something "illegal".

Time for more noticeable gifts from God ...

* Quiet. The quiet after a meet in the car is such a blessing. It's that time when everyone is settled into their spot and are relaxing and it's great to have some time to reflect on the day.

* Friends. Every year Nathan has this one friend who is a girl he sees every single time and they haven't seen each other in a long time but they sure do remember each other. They don't know each others names but it's kind of cool how they remember each other. He also has another friend that is the same age as he is but he towers over Jenna and is a bit rounder and then Nathan is short and thin. It's like a giant and a mouse but they are the best of friends when it comes to the meets. I believe his name is Zack. It is a gift for Nathan and in return a gift for me for these friends to know him and be good friends to him.

* Friends. I better put Jenna's friends in here too because she has friends from all over the state too and it is a true gift to have them in Jenna's life.

* About half way home we turned on the radio. Of course Jenna is still awake, Nathan is out like a light. We have Serius radio and we had fun listening to the different channels. I just don't like it when the radio says "Classic Vinyl" and it is something that I really like and know all the words to ... however it is a gift from God these moments we get to spend with each other making each other laugh and sing and bop around (yes Jason bops around).

Well, that's my day. I don't think I took any pictures. I had my camera but I was busy with timing and looking for everyone else's kids to get them where they had to be. I didn't really have time for pictures. We have more meets coming up so I'm sure more pictures will be coming! :)

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