Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Longest Post EVER ...

**Before you watch the videos scan down to the bottom of the page and pause the music and then come back up and watch the videos. That way you can get the FULL effect. **

The above video is proof of cheating going on between Charlie and Nathan on Christmas Eve.

The next video is the kids and Jason playing the Wii. They have not let that thing rest at all since Christmas Day.

Charlie and Monte making Christmas Eve dinner of PIZZA!
Shanay and Jenna waiting patiently to open presents and waiting for THE PL (pickle licker) to show up! (That would be Jason W.)So we played a game of 31. I didn't win. I can't remember who won. I think it might have been Jenna. and this is what Nathan did ... And this is our family of "grandkids". Every year we do this and this photo keeps getting bigger and bigger. Left to right would be Benjamin (sitting)-he belongs to Tecia, Jason - he belongs to Theresa, Charlie and Nathan, Shanay and Jenna, Tecia & Theresa.Ben and Tecia with the baby gift. Jenna and the hat that her Aunt Barbara knit. She's wore it almost every day to the skating rink now.

Barbara and Joy having a holly jolly time.

Jason getting a tattoo from Nathan.And this is what Santa left for Nathan. A full sized drum set.
And Jenna got her own camera.

**I do have actual footage of Nathan playing his drum set but when he is home he only wears half of his clothing and it is just not appropriate material for the internets ***

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