Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 4 Expedition Yellowstone

Is she happy or not?
Jenna R., Jenna P, and Reid listening to more instruction.
Another hike to the unknown.
Still hiking.
Another Mountain Sheep.
Dead buffalo.
This is a buffalo that has been attacked by wolves. He has a big gouge under his right leg that has been bleeding and his tail has been chewed off. He was laying in the river bottom and pretty much kicked out of the herd and left here to die.
This is our group. Bottom row: Mrs. Lloyd, Jenna Patrick, Mark McConnell, Nick Krassin, Sean Davis, Ms. Donaho
2nd Row Kamden Sandall, Jenna Redman, Riley Newman, Annika Poitras, Kami Deromedi, ?, Jason Redman.
3rd Row: Mr. Morris, Val Morris, Alex, Reid Leemon, Nesto Lowham, Bradley Malek, Mr. Deromedi.
4th Row: Bob "The Bear Guy" Waits, Zoe Owens, Alyssa Logue, Kobey Simpson, Alberto.
Black bear
Nick and Kobey part of the "Jungle"

Sean dressed as a 4 year old little girl.
Nesto got his hair done and it made his face permanently like this.

Nick and his Extreme Makeover.
Sean and his Extreme Makeover.
The group playing FARKLE!!

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