Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 1 Expedition Yellowstone

On May 13th Jason and Jenna went on a trip with Jenna's 6th grade class through Yellowstone. They had the best time. These are some of the things that they saw the first day. Train derailment in the canyon between Shoshone and Thermopolis.
Two members of Jason's group. Nesto and Sean. This as they are headed out on the bus. They were singing rap songs.

Alex, Jenna and Kami on the bus.

A house that EVERYONE liked that was in Cody.

The "crew" taken at the Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone.

Jenna and Alex at the Fishing Bridge.

Jason's group is called the Camp Robbers. In this photo are Nesto, Sean, Riley and Annika.

Jenna at the lower falls in Yellowstone.

This is a ball made out of rock at the visitors center. It weighed approximately 800 lbs. and the kids would get the ball to stop. In this photo are Nesto, Sean, Annika and Riley.
This is Jenna's group. They are called the Rolling Stones. In this photo are Mr. Morris, Jenna P., Jenna R and Reid. The 4th person of their group could not make it.
A big mud hole in Yellowstone.
A muskrat at the Fishing Bridge.
A Buffalo.

The lower falls.

The emergency exit on our bus. haha.

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