Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I have to park my car on a hill at work because there is not sufficient parking at my work. So today at work, like every other day at work, I park my car, put the emergency brake on and go to work. At about 11:00 AM I get the message that someone hit my car. I go out and there is a trailer right up next to the front of it. They have me back up and look at what I see, except the fender/bumper part is up against my BRAND NEW tire on the drivers side. Well I guess a guy was driving his truck and trailer down the hill and he looks over and his trailer had passed him and slammed into my car, moving my car back a ways (skid marks are on the road). The trailer had wood and metal (trash) in it and apparently it was heavy and apparently it came off the back of the truck. These pictures don't do it any justice but if you had seen the stuff that the cop and whoever else was digging out of the front of my car you wouldn't think this was an easy thing. My grill is gone, the inside is broken all to bits, the bumper has cracks in it and the fenders on both sides have been broken on the inside. All those lights are broken. Now I get to drive the green dump truck. Lucky me. :)

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